Phil Zwijsen Water Proof Interview


Ystävältämme Phil Zwijseniltä tippui heti sitten melko erikoinen partti joka on kuvattu kokonaan sateessa. Sade on skeittaajien arkkivihollinen eli skeittauksen ja sateen yhdistäminen on vähän niinkuin koittaisi työntää vastamagneetteja toisiaan kohden. Partti on erittäin viihdyttävää katsottavaa eli katsohan se ja lue alta Philin haastis asiasta. Carhartt WIP:lle ja NikeSB:lle skeittaava Phil on vanha tuttumme ja hänvastaili mielellään pariin kysymykseemme. Haastis on lontooksi eli online dictionary auki jos ei kieli muuten taivu.
Our friend Phil Zwijsen just dropped a very special part which is filmed completely in the rain. Rain is an arch enemy to skaters so it's quite a unique to see someone combine these two things. Watch the part and check out a mini interview of Phil that he was kind enough to provide us!

How on earth you came up with an idea to film a part like this?

The idea came from doing something similar in the Element Skatepark in Norway. After power sliding in the rain I taught let's try to film a whole part.
Se we went to Switzerland to meet Yves Marchon and tried. It worked quite well so we ask Element if they wanted to support us doing a whole part. And two years later were here.

Did you film this on tours on random rainy days or did you take trips just to score footage in the rain?

No, we did trips only just for this. You need a lot of rain. And it sounds maybe funny but it doesn’t rain a lot all all the time.

If yes, how did you pick your locations?

We just check everyones schedule and decided like 2 or 3 days before. To be sure we had the real rain.

So for a time, you were equally feeling hyped on the weather forecast, not depending if it was going to rain or shine the next day?

Hahahah not really actually because it's not because it was raining I could go and film. We had to all be free at the same times so sometimes it was like fuck it's raining. But nobody can film. Hahaha really weird to think like this but yeah, that's how it went.

Was there any challenges for the filmers to keep their gear and feet dry?

The gear not really I would say. Plastic bag and tape. For the DVL (photographer) the same. But yeah the feet - it's hard to stay dry.

Were they into chasing you in the rain or did you hear a lot of "let's call it a day Phil”?

No not at all when it would rain we would film non-stop. We had mission at 4 a clock at night or at 7 a clock in the morning. Everyone filming for this project was super motivated. And than there DVL the photographer!! Motivation at the highest so never felt like they weren’t down to go.

What's next for Phil Zwijsen?

Me and Jarne are releasing something quit soon. I've been filming a few months together with him so thats coming up. And we are working on our new video Jacky!

When is Jacky 2 out? Is it going to be online straight away?
(Check out JACKY VIDEO here!!!)

I don’t know it's still all unknown we need a lot more filming i would say. But yeah next year for sure!

Thank you Phil, keep it RAD!

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